What is Coupity?


Coupity.ca is a membership program that saves our members on their everyday activities at the most popular businesses in their community.

Members enjoy 2-for-1 coupons and up to 50% off discounts at restaurants, retailers, spas, theme parks, hotels, golf courses, movie theatres and much more. Plus, local Fundraising Organizations sell Coupity.ca Coupon memberships to raise much needed funds for School Programs, Student Activities and Local Charities.


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$5 off a purchase of $25 or more!
(OFFER it 1-4 times a year)

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10-25% Off Ongoing to Coupity.ca Members!
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We bring you new customers

Your offer will be displayed for Coupity.ca members to enjoy!


You make money

Coupity.ca members will visit your business and you get a new customer and a new sale!

Coupity.ca members can only use coupons based upon how many times a year you request. Coupons cannot be photocopied and have a 14 day expiry date from the time of print. We have tight security controls in place to avoid any misuse of our services.

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Why advertise with Coupity?

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