What is Coupity?


Coupity.ca is a membership program that saves our members on their everyday activities at the most popular businesses in their community.

Members enjoy 2-for-1 coupons and up to 50% off discounts at restaurants, retailers, spas, theme parks, hotels, golf courses, movie theatres and much more. Plus, local Fundraising Organizations sell Coupity.ca Coupon memberships to raise much needed funds for School Programs, Student Activities and Local Charities.

Fundraising is as easy as 1, 2, 3!


Step 1: Personalized Page

We’ll create a personalized page for your organization complete with your image, message and goal.


Step 2: Share Your Page

Share your fundraising page on social media and by e-mail to gain traction.


Step 3: Reach Your Goal

Earn thousands of dollars with Coupity. We share 50% profit and there is no limit! Fundraising is that easy!!!

Coupity.ca will share 50% of all profits with your organization.

  • 100 memberships sold $1,500 earned
  • 500 memberships sold $7,500 earned
  • 1000 memberships sold $15,000 earned
  • 5000 memberships sold $75,000 earned

Coupity also has membership cards you can sell!

Not only can you use the power of the internet. Now you can also use traditional fundraising techniques and sell our Coupity.ca membership cards. Just another way Coupity.ca makes fundraising Easy!!!!

Why fundraise with Coupity?

  • Coupity will share 50% of profit
  • No risk, no inventory, no volunteers necessary
  • Will not interfere with any other event
  • It's FREE and easy to organize
  • Track all your earnings
  • Everything you need to ensure your fundraiser is a success!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at richard@coupity.ca